The 1950s were an era of big hair, flirty skirts, and cool greaser cats. Travel back to the fabulous fifties with help from our plus size 50s costumes for women and men. Draw inspiration from TV and movies that represent the era like Hairspray, Happy Days and Grease. These shows offer us sock hops, poodle skirts, dance moves, and some great adventures. You can make your own memories in a fabulous fifties outfit of your own.

Pink Ladies Gang Grease Jacket Costume

Pink Ladies Gang Grease Jacket Costume

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Women in the 50s held very different roles than they do today. There were sweet girls in poodle skirts, proper housewives in A-line dresses, and saucy pin-up beauties. More tomboyish types will appreciate our T-bird Sweetie and Pink Satin Lady outfits that feature pink jackets and black pants. The aesthetic of the 1950s worshiped curves and made fashions to show them off.

Men's 50s costumes are simple to pull together. A greaser look, similar to The Fonz's from Happy Days, features a simple t-shirt, black leather jacket and gelled hair. You can also create a crooner look with a classic suit and hat that makes a perfect match for a 50s housewife vibe.

Celebrate the best parts of this rockin' decade with plus size 50s costumes that will make you look fantastic at a theme party!