The living dead have been a popular genre for Men's Halloween costumes for decades. Famous zombie movies like Night of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later, and Zombieland have put zombie costumes on the proverbial map. Newer TV shows like The Walking Dead also offer great horror costume inspiration. Satisfy your lust for brains at your next Halloween costume party with something from our selection of zombie costumes.

Zombie adult costumes for men feature traditional zombie outfits as well as some creative twists on these unliving horrors. Add something new to your zombie suit with interesting novelties like a zombie monkey, punk rocker, pirate, or doctor. If you're more interested in slaying zombies than joining them, consider a zombie hunter men's costume. Get a group of friends together and dress as a horde of zombies or a stalwart group of survivors.

Equip your zombie survivor costume with fun props like fake blood, machetes, toy guns, or a prop chainsaw. Zombie costumes can be accessorized with zombie makeup kits, wigs, and gloves. Whether you are a fan of traditional zombie outfits or want a more creative take on a modern zombie, we have plenty of options for your next Halloween costume party.

Invite a bit of horror back into Halloween with a scary zombie costume for men!