Celebrate this Thanksgiving with turkey, stuffing, good friend, and fabulous holiday costumes! Our selection of Thanksgiving costumes are great for performing a play or wearing in a holiday parade. Recreate the first Thanksgiving with Native American and colonial settler costumes. These historical costumes are great for theatre productions and parades. Pick out a funny costume like one of our full turkey suits to surprise your kids or wear in a parade.

If a full turkey suit or Indian costume isn't quite what you are looking for, try accessorizing with fun turkey day props and accessories. Turkey hats and wigs can add just a touch of holiday spirit to your celebration. You might also want to add some details like powdered white and Indian wigs, boots, buckled shoes, pistols, and pilgrim hats to your outfit. If you would like to match your outfit to your friend or significant other for a couples costume, dress as a foil to your partner. Pair an Indian costume and pilgrim costume or match a turkey costume to another food costume for a funny twist! Whether you want a funny costume to entertain at family dinner or you need a pilgrim or Indian outfit for a reenactment, we have plenty of options to choose from. Buy one of these Thanksgiving costumes to make your holiday even more special!