You might not have super powers, but you shouldn't let that stop you from looking like a hero at your next Halloween costume party. Our selection of mens superhero costumes includes all your favorites from the two main franchises as well as a few more obscure superhero suits. Superheroes are everywhere in today's popular culture thanks to the release of blockbuster films like The Avengers and The Dark Knight. Choose from movie character costumes like Thor, Spiderman, Iron Man, and Captain America. If the Justice League is more your style, browse our Batman, Superman, and other DC comic costumes

SuperHeroes - Spider-Man Top Costume for Men

Spider-Man Top Costume for Men

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SuperHeroes - Mens Deluxe Regency Robin Costume

Mens Deluxe Regency Robin Costume

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SuperHeroes - Mens Deluxe Kato Costume

Mens Deluxe Kato Costume

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SuperHeroes - Adult Spiderman Costume

Adult Spiderman Costume

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Heroes like Batman and Robin rely on their gadgets, so be sure to follow their lead and pick up the costume accessories you need to complete your look. Superhero boots, gloves, grappling hooks, batarangs, and toy weapons can make a big difference in your overall look. Want to break away from mainstream hero costumes? We also carry outfits for heroes like Kickass, Zorro, the Power Rangers, and The Green Hornet. You can also create your very own superhero outfit with a selection of capes, gloves, boots, and toy gadgets. Bring a sidekick to your next Halloween party and create a couples costume. Match your superhero suit to a women's costume from the same comic universe. Pair Batman with Robin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy or Wonder Woman. Match Marvel costumes with female comic book characters like Black Widow, Super Girl, or Iron Man's partner Pepper Potts. Save the day at your party with an amazing superhero men's costume!