Sporting events have been man's primary form of entertainment for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks participated in games of skill and our modern athletes are regarded as superstars. Show off your athletic side at your next Halloween costume with our mens sports costumes. These men's costumes range from serious baseball and basketball uniforms to humor costumes like sumo wrestler costumes and bodybuilders.

Want to show off your team's colors? We carry spandex full body suits in a wide array of colors and logos. Wear a skin suit to your next sports game and root for the home team! Some fun accessories can add an extra level of detail to your athlete costume. A bullhorn, basketball, or other sports ball can be both awesome accessories and fun conversation starters. If you are attending your Halloween party or sporting event with a friend or significant other, wear matching sports uniforms to create a couples costume. Add face paint to your costume to create stripes under your eyes for a fierce look. Whether you are looking for a funny costume or a fan costume to wear to a sports game, we have plenty of options to suit your needs. Score big at your next Halloween costume party or theme party when you buy one of these sports costumes!