You might be too old to go trick-or-treating, but that doesn't mean you can't get into some mischief! Get a little naughty this Halloween with one of our Men's R-rated costumes. These guys's costumes can get a little raunchy, so they are perfect to wear to an adult costume party.

Rated-R - Captain Hugh Jorgan Adult Costume

Captain Hugh Jorgan Adult Costume

Our Price: $42.98
In Stock
Rated-R - Men's Miss Oktoberbreast Costume

Men's Miss Oktoberbreast Costume

Our Price: $52.98
In Stock
Rated-R - Hind Sight Adult Costume

Hind Sight Adult Costume

Our Price: $20.98
In Stock
Rated-R - Nice Beaver Adult Costume

Nice Beaver Adult Costume

Our Price: $89.98
In Stock

Browse naughty R-rated costumes like our men's Down for the Count or Captain condom adult costumes. Show your friends a full moon with our men's costumes featuring an inflatable buttocks plates for a funny touch to your outfit. The humor in these outfits also comes from funny innuendos and jokes about extraordinary manhood. Accessorize your walking penis joke with gloves, wigs, boots, and other theme appropriate props. A gynecologist costume can be paired with a clipboard, stethoscope and a medical bag. Pirates and pilots will need their own props like toy weapons. If you're in the right company for an adult costume, these Rated-R costumes are bound to be a big hit.

If you get a laugh over boner jokes, bathroom humor and dressing as funny characters then we have plenty of options to choose from. Pick out your favorite and have a good laugh. You may even win the Halloween costume contest for the most R-rated costume a guy can wear.