Give three cheers for the red, white and blue in a men's presidents costume. A historic presidential outfit can be a great option for holidays like the 4th of July or President's Day. We offer patriotic founding father outfits of figures like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two of the United States' most well-known leaders. The style of clothing in colonial times was very different than today's fashion. Accessorize for a settler or president outfit with props like white wigs, buckled shoes, cravats, tall top hats, and fake beards. President Lincoln had some especially recognizable features, such as his beard and stove pipe hat. A wig and jabot are signature markings of most George Washington costumes.

Presidents - Men's Black Suit Adult Costume

Men's Black Suit Adult Costume

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Presidents - Mitt Romney Adult Vinyl Mask

Mitt Romney Adult Vinyl Mask

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Presidents - George Washington Adult

George Washington Adult

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Presidents - Mens Abraham Lincoln Costume

Mens Abraham Lincoln Costume

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Presidents - Clinton Mask Adult

Clinton Mask Adult

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Presidents - Kennedy Mask

Kennedy Mask

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Presidents - Adult Teddy Roosevelt Costume

Adult Teddy Roosevelt Costume

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There are many occasions for which a president outfit can come in handy. Patriotic holidays have all sorts of parades, plays, and special events you can attend in costume. A fireworks display or Independence Day picnic can be made a little more fun with men's presidents costumes. Other historical figures like Benjamin Franklin and colonial settlers can also fit in with a Presidential theme. Try donning an Uncle Sam outfit or star-spangled skin suit for a touch of flair.

Celebrate your nation or play the part of one of the country's greatest leaders with one of these patriotic president costumes for men.