Blockbuster movies are a huge part of popular culture and the latest trends. Act out your favorite scenes from the latest blockbuster hit with our selection of men's movie costumes. Movie character costumes are the perfect opportunity for you to dress as your favorite actor at your next Halloween costume party. Whether you are a fan of comedy, action or horror, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Comedy fans will love our funny costumes from movies like Dumb & Dumber, Borat, Caddyshack, and Elf. Action lovers will get a kick out of movie costumes from The Avengers, Avatar, and Star Wars.

Movie - Superman Adult

Superman Adult

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Movie - Adult Edward Scissorhands Costume

Adult Edward Scissorhands Costume

Our Price: $35.90
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Movie - The Batman Adult

The Batman Adult

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Movie - Mens Papa Smurf Costume

Mens Papa Smurf Costume

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Movie - Mens Plus Size Toy Story Deluxe Woody Costume

Mens Plus Size Toy Story Deluxe Woody Costume

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Movie - Deluxe Hellboy Adult Costume

Deluxe Hellboy Adult Costume

Our Price: $42.90
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Every hero needs a good utility belt. Make sure you equip your superhero costume with the right props to complete your look. Toy swords, wigs, and capes can add an extra element of detail to your super outfit. Go old school with classic costumes like monsters from An American Werewolf in London or Friday the 13th. Dress in your creepiest zombie costume or vampire outfit to scare your friends! If you are planning on putting together a couples costume with a friend or significant other, simply choose character costumes from the same show. Thor and Black Widow, Gomez and Morticia Adams, or Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter make for fun movie costumes for you and your partner. Pick your favorite: funny or fierce and don one of these movie costumes for your next Halloween party!