Every military branch has a long and storied tradition. From colonial soldiers to active duty military personnel, every service person is a testament to strength, loyalty, and perseverance. Celebrate your next Halloween party with a military costume that shows off your daring side! Our army costumes feature camouflage uniforms and flak jackets. Our selection of military men's costumes includes army, navy, and air force uniforms as well as fictional armor suits.

Military - Formal Marine Costume for Men

Formal Marine Costume for Men

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Military - Men's Fidel Adult Costume

Men's Fidel Adult Costume

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In addition to these typical military uniforms, we also carry a selection of historical costumes. Dress up as a civil war soldier or revolutionary war uniform. Add fun props and accessories to your costume such as toy swords, guns, hats, and dog tags. For a Top Gun costume or air force uniform, add aviator glasses to your ensemble. If you would like to bring a friend or significant other to your Halloween party, consider dressing up in matching outfits for a couples costume. Women's costumes from the same branch of service are the easiest to match to your combat uniform. Whether you want to support the boys in uniform or are looking to join up with a much more fantastical army, we have plenty of options for your needs. You have your marching orders; be sure to buy one of these military costumes for your next Halloween costume party.