Embrace the strength and majesty of Native American culture with our Indian costumes. American Indian braves were fierce warriors and have important roles throughout U.S. history. Some of our Native American costumes are authentic while others have fun twists just for fun. Wear one of these Indian outfits for Halloween or Thanksgiving as a holiday costume for a parade or pageant. Native American men's costumes can be made into warrior costumes or Indian chief outfits depending on the accessories and props you add to your ensemble.

Indians - Mens Noble Warrior Costume

Mens Noble Warrior Costume

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Indians - Mens Elite Indian Brave Costume

Mens Elite Indian Brave Costume

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Indians - Mens Running Bear Chief Costume

Mens Running Bear Chief Costume

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For an Indian chief costume, add a feather headdress, Indian drum rattle, rain stick, or braided Indian wig. A warrior brave costume is better suited for costume props such as a tomahawk, hunting knife, bow and arrow set, or spear. Native American boot covers can turn your everyday shoes into part of your costumes. For an extra touch, create war stripes with face paint or a makeup kit. If you are looking to attend your next Halloween costume party with a friend or significant other, consider dressing in matching costumes. Couples costumes in this theme might include an Indian princess, pilgrim, or colonial settler costume. A pilgrim and Indian combination are perfect Thanksgiving costumes. Whether you are seeking peace or war this holiday, we have plenty of options to choose from. Be sure to buy up your favorite Indian outfit before they disappear!