Historic costumes are great for Halloween costume parties, historical plays, parades, and educational projects. Patriotic costumes are also a fun addition to your holiday celebrations. Wear one of these patriotic outfits as a holiday costume for your next Independence Day party or parade. If it is not the 4th of July, these colonial costumes can be great for history reenactments and plays.

Historic/Patriotic - Captain Barrett Costume for Men

Captain Barrett Costume for Men

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Wear an Uncle Sam suit for your next Fourth of July celebration or don a president costume for a theatre production. Select from fantastic founding fathers costumes like George Washington and Ben Franklin. Accessorize your patriot costume with all the right details. A white colonial wig, fake beard, and buckled shoes can add seriously increase the accuracy of your costume. Add a women's costume to yours to create a couples costume. Pair a confederate solider costume with a southern belle gown or Martha and George Washington costumes for dress-up fun with your significant other or a good friend. Whether you want to embody some of our most popular founding fathers or you are looking for war reenactment costumes, we have plenty of options to fit your needs. Buy your favorite history costume today before they are a thing of the past!