Dressing up can be fun, but dressing up with friends is even better! Bond with your friends with a fun group costume at your next Halloween costume party. Whether you need humor costumes or movie costumes, we have tons of themes to fit your group's interests. Choose characters from films such as Alice in Wonderland, The Addams Family, The Avengers, 300, and The Wizard of Oz. Generic adult costumes like candy wrappers or drinking costumes can also be used as great matching outfits for a group costume.

Find adult costumes like beer pong outfits or go back to your childhood with sets like our Sesame Street or fairytale costumes. Superhero costumes are great for large groups because they already operate as a team. Dress up as heroes from The Avengers or the Justice League and get all your friends in on the action. If your group is dressing as movie characters, try to keep your hair and makeup as close to the film as possible. Look up images online to try to match your hair or a wig to that character's look. Whether you are looking for humor, action, or horror, we have tons of great ideas for you and your friends! Be sure to pick your favorite costume before the rest of the group gets free range. We won't tell if you won't.