Ancient Greece was the birthplace of the Olympics and the center of the civilized world. Greeks focused on arts, science and intricate warfare. Embrace your inner Spartan with our Greek and Roman costumes. These men's costumes feature Greek togas and roman soldier costumes. Whether you want a simple tunic or a more elaborate gladiator costume, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Roman warriors are favorites of popular culture thanks to movies like 300, Clash of the Titans, and Gladiator. Look as great as Aeries himself with one of these Greek costumes.

Greek/Roman - Gladiator Costume for Men

Gladiator Costume for Men

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Greek/Roman - Adult Hercules Costume

Adult Hercules Costume

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Greek/Roman - Mens Roman Senator Costume

Mens Roman Senator Costume

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Greek/Roman - 300 Deluxe Themistocles Costume for Men

300 Deluxe Themistocles Costume for Men

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A toga is a great start to your ensemble, but you can add extra details with fun accessories like swords, shields, roman sandals, helmets, and black wigs. In addition to wigs, consider headgear like a Roman wreath or crown of laurel. If you are attending your next Halloween costume party with a friend or significant other, consider pairing up for a couples costume. Choose from great women's costumes like Greek goddess dresses, a Spartan queen, or mythical beasts like sirens or medusa. Attend the forum (or your Halloween costume party) in the finest robes and togas Rome has to offer. Buy your favorite from our selection of Greek and Roman costumes in time for your next big party!