Vampires are a classic embodiment of evil and seduction. Vampire stories set in gothic settings feature regal creatures of the night. Choose a classic costume for your next Halloween party with one of these gothic vampire costumes. Gothic costume styles are great for classic vampires and usually come in a red and black color palette. Gothic outfits are perfect for traditional vampire costumes.

Capes and cravats can distinguish these gothic vampires from more modern reimaginings of the undead. Add fangs, fake blood, and a vampire makeup kit to create a scary costume. You can also accessorize with a cane, gloves, and men's jewelry to give your costume a dapper look that is associated with traditional vampire costumes. If you would like to attend your costume party with a friend or significant other, consider wearing matching outfits for a couples costumes. Women's vampire costumes are easy to pair with a gothic men's costume in the same style. If you want a scary costume with a bit of flair, our selection of vampire capes and suits is just for you! Be sure to buy your favorite outfit for your next Halloween costume party.