Gangster Costumes

The 1920s were a golden age of speakeasies, flappers and the American gangster. Ruthless criminals like Al Capone disregarded the rules and became legends in the process. Movies like The Godfather and Gangs of New York immortalize them on the silver screen. Show of your wild side this Halloween with help from our selection of men's gangster costumes. A pinstripe gangster suit is a classy option for your next costume party, but it takes more than just a slick suit to be a gangster.

Accessorize your mobster costume with fun props like a tommy gun, fedora, pencil moustache, or a violin case. Keep your hair slicked back to fit with 20s fashion and your gangster suit is that much more accurate! Gangster outfits aren't just for Halloween. Don a gang costume for a 20s costume party to bring a bit of olden time class to your event. If you are looking to bring your best dame along, consider creating a couples costume. Women's 20s costumes make great companion outfits. Hand your date a machine gun, and suddenly she's in on the plan! If you want to show off your bad side, a gangster costume is just what you need. Let us make you an offer you can't refuse; buy one of these gangster men's costumes today!