Going stag to your next Halloween party might be a blast, but if you are bringing a friend or significant other to your event, you can dress up in matching outfits. Our couples costume section is full of women's and men's costumes from many genres. A humor costume is a great pick for a Halloween party. Some funny costumes we carry include a plug and socket combo, tacky tourists, and bacon and eggs. Of course, your outfits themselves don't have to be goofy to get a good laugh.

Pair a serious costume with a joke costume to create a hilarious juxtaposition. If you want a more straight-forward costume, consider decade costumes or movie costumes. Movie character costumes are a great option if you aren't sure which outfits will go together. Simply pick characters from the same movie such as Pebbles and Bam Bam or a Pink Lady and a greaser. Your character don't even have to get along; pair a Poison Ivy or Catwoman costume with a Batman suit and watch sparks fly! Whether you are looking for funny or just fun, we have tons of couples costumes to make your dress-up experience with your partner a fabulous one. Be sure to pick up your favorite matching costumes today!