Villains and wizards alike make use of robes and capes. This Halloween, add an extra touch of detail to your vampire, judge, or Harry Potter costume. A hooded cloak is a great addition to a medieval costume for a renaissance festival or fantasy convention. Our selection of capes range from plain satin capes to regal king's robes. Sometimes a simple robe can create your entire outfit. A magician, Jedi, or judge would be nothing without the right robe.

Capes/Robes - Men's Ghost Face Costume

Men's Ghost Face Costume

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Capes/Robes - Medieval Cape Costume for Men

Medieval Cape Costume for Men

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Capes/Robes - Demon Robe Adult Plus Costume

Demon Robe Adult Plus Costume

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Some other props that can change the look of your cape costume include wigs, magic wands, gavels, canes, and crowns. The addition of specific costume props can completely alter an ensemble, so be sure to save your robed costume for future years to use again and again. If you want to create a couples costume with a friend or significant other, consider women's costumes that match your chosen theme. In addition to women's cloaks, we also carry vampire costumes, witches, and renaissance princesses which can be paired with a cape or robe. Whether you are looking for the final item to complete your Halloween costume or you want to base your look off the perfect robes, we have plenty of styles for any budget. Be sure to pick up your favorite robes for a fabulous Halloween costume party!