The Bible is the most widely published book in the world, full of stories and characters that cross language and cultural barriers. Biblical tales and references make their way into novels, movies, and plays. If you are performing a church play or Christmas pageant, our biblical costumes are just what you need! Historical costumes like our shepherd robes and Roman gladiator outfits are great for religious plays. Our religious costumes include members of the clergy such as monks, priests, and rabbis.

Biblical/Religious - Plus Size  Joseph Men's Costume

Plus Size Joseph Men's Costume

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Accessorize you holy costume with religious props like rosary beads, a pope hat, canes, sandals, or a Bible. For biblical costumes, add a wig and beard set to your costume to add an extra level of detail to your outfit. Women's outfits that can be matched to yours to create a couples costume include female biblical characters like the Virgin Mary and nuns' habits. Whether you are looking for a humorous costume for a Halloween party or a bible costume for a church play, you are sure to find what you need to fit your event. Be sure to buy your favorite men's costume before your next party or performance