60's Costumes

The swinging sixties were a time for hippies, Beatle-mania, and free love. Some famous dudes from the era include Elvis, The Beatles, and The Monkeys. Get groovy at your next Halloween costume party with our selection of 60s costumes. These men's costumes embrace a peace loving lifestyle with a 1960s flair. Dress in a Beatles costume or a rock and roll outfit for a cool sixties theme.. You can also opt to go the tie-dye route and pick a hippie costume.

60's Costumes - Men's Right On 60's Costume

Men's Right On 60's Costume

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Hippie suits typically feature bell bottom pants, headbands, afro wigs, and peace sign jewelry. The accessories you add to your outfit can make a big difference in the level of detail of your costume. Add round rose colored glasses, prop guitars, and an afro wig to your sixties costume for an extra level of detail. If you would like to attend your next Halloween party with a friend or significant other, dress up in matching outfits for a couples costume. Some women's costumes that fit a 60s theme include hippie and go go dresses. For a group costume, put together all four Beatles costumes or create a hippie drum circle. Whether you want a swanky 60s hippie outfit or a swingin' rock star costumes, we have plenty of options for a theme costume party. Be sure to buy your favorite 60s suit to make your next party a groovy one!