Venetian Masks

Mardi Gras is a time for fun, partying, and most notoriously, for masquerade events! After treating yourself with delicious sweets and treats, enjoying the parades, the beads, the best part of the night is when you attend the beautiful parties. To perfectly compliment your evening attire, whether it be formal wear or a more fun themed costume, a Venetian mask can be that perfect accessory to finish off your look. Start the party off right by dressing the part!

The original Venetian Carnival mask is an icon that can be traced back to the ancient Romans. These beautifully crafted masks symbolize mystery, and a time filled with romance, elegant balls and royalty. In more modern times, these masks are used year round at various themed parties, during stage performances, and more. Each mask is designed with various characteristics meant to accentuate or exaggerate features of the face such as large eyes or a long nose. Often times, these masks are adorned with decorative feathers or sequins, sprinkling of glitter or even ribbon. Traditionally these masks are made out of leather to ensure their long lasting durability, however, the times have changed and masks are being crafted out of many different materials to keep the cost down for consumers.

When the time comes to start the celebration of Mardi Gras, or for any event calling for the look of mystery, find the Venetian Mask that is perfect for your outfit and that suits your personality. Have fun and embrace your inner masquerade persona.