Stick Masks

Mardi Gras costumes are a huge part of the holiday, but stick masks are the real "face" of the festivities. Venetian masks draw their inspiration from Carnival in Renaissance Italy. Covering your face for this festival adds mystery and romance to the parades and parties. You don't always want to cover your face thought, and that is where a Mardi Gras mask on a stick becomes your most useful and elegant accessory.

A stick mask is a perfect option for women. Wearing your mask on a wand allows you to show off your glamorous makeup application, munch on party snacks, and pose for pictures in a snap! A stick mask allows you to adopt a regal persona if you are chosen as the Mardi Gras queen. A tiara or crown paired with your mask can add a touch or flair to your ensemble.

Men can also add a stick mask to their outfits. A plain black or white half mask is a popular option for men's costumes as they can be easily matched to almost any style of outfit.

Stick masks are easy to wear and allow you alter your look throughout your party. Add some pizzazz to your festive clothes with a Mardi Gras mask a stick!