Jester Costumes

f there was ever a time to let loose and show off your silly side, it's Mardi Gras. Have a little fun this holiday with one of our Mardi Gras jester costumes or accessories. Most harlequin clown outfits feature traditional Mardi Gras colors like purple, green, and gold. Jester hats are a particularly popular option since they can be added to most styles. A typical clown costume for Mardi Gras features a jingling hat with bells, jumpsuits, and venetian masks.

The Mardi Gras jester motif dates back to the traditional role of the king and queen. Jesters, also known as jokers or fools, acted as servants and confidants to the royal court. The Italian Renaissance, from which many current Mardi Gras events are pulled, features harlequin clowns. Harlequin outfits typically feature geometric patterns and a basic two-tone color scheme. In modern times, the jester character has become a fun and light-hearted addition to holiday traditions.

Kings have their crowns and jokers have their toys. Accessorize for a Mardi Gras clown costume with a jester wand, face paint, or mask. Bead necklaces and feather headpieces can add some flair to a silly jester suit. Try a light up necklace or staff to keep the party going into the night!

Have some fun this Carnival season with a Mardi Gras jester costume that your friends and party guests will love.