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You will be holiday royalty in a spectacular themed Mardi Gras hat! There are many clothing options for such a big costume holiday, but nothing is quite so dapper and daring as the right hat or headpiece. Most of our headwear feature hats in purple, green, and gold to match traditional Mardi Gras colors. Whether you want to look sharp or let loose, there is tons of headgear to choose from. A brimmed hat like a fedora or top hat are classy options that can add a festive touch to a suit or other spiffy outfits. A sequin band around a hat adds some flair to your ensemble, especially if you have similar sequins on your Mardi Gras costume. Aside from sequins, you might also find that hats with feathers are a popular option for Mardi Gras events.

Hats & Headwear - Jester Tinsel Head Band

Jester Tinsel Head Band

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Hats & Headwear - Pope Hat Adult

Pope Hat Adult

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For a sillier take on the holiday, try dressing in a jester hat. Harlequin style clowns make for excellent Mardi Gras kings. Add some fun to your outfit with a three-pronged clown headpiece with bells and silly patterns. Best of all, you can dress up or down and a jester crown will still match your ensemble!

You will be the coolest cat at your next Mardi Gras party or parade with a stylish hat for Carnival!