Feather Masks

Mardi Gras outfits are well known for being over the top. Dress up your costume this year with a feathered mask that will give you an exotic look. The tradition of wearing Venetian masks for Mardi Gras dates back to the Italian Renaissance and Carnival. Masks can come in many styles. There are half mask, full masks, and masks on sticks that one can remove easily for photo ops. A mask can add mystery and glamour to the festivities, so it's no wonder these costume accessories have become so popular in modern celebrations.

Many masks are simple, but if you want to above and beyond the typical style, try a feathered mask with lots of detail. A mask with feathers adds an aspect of royalty to your costume. A Mardi Gras king or queen would look wonderful with the addition of a crown and feathery mask. Dancer and show girl-inspired dresses are also a popular choice of costume. The feathers on a mask are likely to match with similarly ornamented outfits. Mardi Gras masks with long plumes are typically a good match for women's costumes.

here are as many colors and styles of feathers as there are birds of paradise. Look pretty as a peacock this Mardi Gras with a gorgeous costume mask for women!