Get your little trouble-maker cackling with joy in the perfect children's outfit. Our selection of witch costumes for toddlers and infants offers classic Halloween designs for girls with a bit of a naughty sides. A typical witch dress features a fringed skirt or tutu, witch hat, and spooky color patterns. Our witchy wear comes in Halloween colors like green, black, orange and purple. Black, of course, is the traditional color for wicked witches, but your little girl can look a little brighter with accent colors.

Witch - The Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch Sequin Kids Costume

The Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch Sequin Kids Costume

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Witch - Glitter Witch Toddler Costume

Glitter Witch Toddler Costume

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Witch - Charmed Witch Kids Costume

Charmed Witch Kids Costume

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Witch - Toddlers Darling Little Witch Costume

Toddlers Darling Little Witch Costume

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Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Our adorable girl's dresses offer your child the option of being scary or sweet. Accessorize to match your child's preferences. A cauldron, stuffed black cat and spider jewelry can make the look scary while a magic wand, tiara, and a broom can give you a sweet look. Make sure your chosen props are age-appropriate as some younger children like infants and newborns may not be ready for small jewelry and wands. Black shoes, witch hats, and striped leggings are a great addition to any witch costume for girls.

Don't toil and trouble for the perfect girl's witch costume this Halloween. Brew up a classic Halloween outfit this year and make your daughter's holiday magic!