Sound the alarm, these infant police and firefighter costume are so cute it should be a crime! Police costumes for children are a great option for boys and girls of almost any age. If your child has been clamoring for books and toys of police officers, our cop uniforms might be the right fit. Accessorize your child's police costume with fun props like toy handcuffs, a badge, or a baton. Be sure to teach your toddler that law enforcement only uses their weapons to help people to enforce appropriate behavior. Encourage your son or daughter to follow their dream of becoming a policeman with a little help from the right clothes.

Police Costume for Toddlers

Police Costume for Toddlers

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Firefighters perform an important duty in the community of keeping people and their homes safe from fires. Many children become enraptured by this career and its different aspects of operation. Children love the fire trucks and firehouse dogs that come along with the position. Firefighter costumes are not the only option for a child who loves firehouses. A Dalmatian dog outfit is an adorable option that still matches a firehouse theme

If your child is focused on a career that helps people or if they simply love playing cops and robbers, our firefighter and police costumes for toddlers are sure to be a perfect choice for your little do-gooder's Halloween.