Your little toddler can be a big handful! Embrace your child's big personality with a frighteningly adorable monster costume for infant/toddlers. Monsters might sound scary, but they don't have to be a horror. Fluffy monsters can be just as cute and cuddly as they are ferocious. There are classic creatures from movies like Frankenstein and there are generic critters. Some of our cutest styles are fuzzy monsters in all sorts of colors and patterns. Infants and newborns look especially adorable in outfits with claws, horns, googly eyes, and fuzzy jumpsuits. Older toddlers can find monster suits with hoods, legwarmers, and cute skirts that fit them to a tee. If you want to go even further with your look, add fun face paint designs like fake scars and patterns. Painting on scary teeth can also be a great way to add detail to your outfit.

Monsters - Infant Pinky Winky Costume

Infant Pinky Winky Costume

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Monsters - Infant Uggsy Monster Set

Infant Uggsy Monster Set

Our Price: $66.98
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Monsters - Toddlers Girl's Minion Costume

Toddlers Girl's Minion Costume

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Monsters - Rainbow Monster Kids Costume

Rainbow Monster Kids Costume

Our Price: $38.98
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Monsters - Infant Aarg Monster Set

Infant Aarg Monster Set

Our Price: $66.98
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Monsters - Infant Toddler Alien Costume

Infant Toddler Alien Costume

Our Price: $21.98
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Kids get a kick out of scaring people on Halloween. Encourage your child's creativity by commenting on how scary the toddler's monster costume is. Other classic monsters your child can choose from include skeletons, werewolves, and ghosts. Show your child that Halloween scares don't have to be overwhelming and that sometimes surprises can be fun with a infant or toddler monster costume.