Help your little princess go on a magical adventure under the sea this Halloween with our selection of mermaids costumes for toddlers and infants. Mermaids are mythical creature that live in the sea and beckoned sailors to come closer. There have been many tales of sea nymphs and sirens over the years. Some tales like Disney's The Little Mermaid depict beautiful and adventurous while more classic stories show us that sirens are tricksters of the sea that lure seamen to their doom.

Lil` Mermaid Toddler Costume

Lil` Mermaid Toddler Costume

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Chances are that your child is more interested in being a princess than a mean sea monster, so our mermaid princess dresses are a great choice. Obviously your daughter can't have a tail or fins, but you can create that look with a mermaid style dress. A mermaid silhouette is a wonderful style that will really make your child feel like an under sea princess like Ariel. Accessorize a girl's Ariel costume with props such as seaweed boas, pearl and seashell necklaces, and crowns. A magic wand or trident would also be perfect for a beautiful sea creature.

Make a splash this Halloween with an infant/toddler mermaid costume.