There are tons of Native American cultures, each with their own unique cultures and peoples. Celebrate the beauty and intrigue of these rich cultures with a fun Indian costume for toddlers. Your child will look adorable in a Indian Princess dress or young Brave outfit. A lot of our American Indian outfits are made of faux suede with fringed borders that will keep your child warm on a cold Halloween night.

Indians - Toddlers Indian Costume

Toddlers Indian Costume

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Indians - Toddlers Indian Girl Costume

Toddlers Indian Girl Costume

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Indians costumes are a great option for Halloween, but they can also come in handy for a Thanksgiving parade or school event. A historic costume for kids can come in handy. Thanksgiving focuses on the story of pilgrims and Indians, so your toddler's outfit can get plenty of use throughout the year. Consider adding the outfit to your child's dress-up wardrobe to use in pretend playtime. Age-appropriate props can make a fun and festive addition to your child's ensemble. Add accessories like a bow and arrow set, feather headband, shell jewelry, and boot covers to your child's look to add some pizazz. Older children might appreciate face paint or wigs as part of their outfit.

You can take holiday events as an opportunity to teach your child more about other cultures. Pair your child's Indian costume with a few interesting facts about Native American cultures and historical events. A few fun informational tidbits can make your child's dress-up experience even better. Show your toddler how great other cultures are to learn about with a little help from one of these Native American kids costumes.