There are tons of different kinds of toddler and infant outfits from horror to humor. Get a few giggles out of your outfit with one of these adorable humorous costumes for toddlers. Some of the most humorous outfits are the simplest designs. Your little clown can make just about any outfit funnier just with their personality. Animal and monsters are both cute and funny styles for your infant. Imagine your baby in a wiggly octopus suit or a Shaggy Dog and just try not to smile! Food outfits are also good for a laugh. A hot pepper or peas in a pod outfit are cute joke outfits that your infant will appreciate for their comfort and your adult friends will love for the humor.

Humorous - Infant Pinky Winky Costume

Infant Pinky Winky Costume

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Humorous - Toddler Little Puppy Costume

Toddler Little Puppy Costume

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Humorous - Infant Uggsy Monster Set

Infant Uggsy Monster Set

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Humorous - Hot Dog Child Costume

Hot Dog Child Costume

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Humorous - Newborn Pea In A Pod Costume

Newborn Pea In A Pod Costume

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Some fun items like props can add some detail to your toddler's outfit while making them look great. Add accessories like ears, headbands, tails, and plush props to a funny infant costume to add some extra spark. Avoid masks or items that will be unfamiliar and uncomfortable. We suggest performing a few test runs with your child in their new outfit so that they will be comfortable with their costume on Halloween.

Don't forget to snap a few funny pictures of the evening too! Share a few laughs this Halloween with infant's humorous costumes.