Classic Girl

There are tons of trendy options for kids these days, but there are also some really great classic costumes for girls that can be used for almost any occasion. Pick up a timeless girls' Halloween outfit like a princess, fairy, magical creature, witch, or monster. Some characters from cartoons and movies are so well-known and loved, they have become classics. Characters like Minnie Mouse and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz are now timeless classics that most people will easily recognize.

Classic Girl - Police Costume for Toddlers

Police Costume for Toddlers

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Classic Girl - Toddler Girls Batarina Costume

Toddler Girls Batarina Costume

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Classic Girl - Rainbow Princess Toddler Costume

Rainbow Princess Toddler Costume

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Classic Girl - Toddler Honey Bee Costume

Toddler Honey Bee Costume

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Classic Girl - Infant Poodles of Fun Costume

Infant Poodles of Fun Costume

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Classic Girl - Annie Costume for Toddlers

Annie Costume for Toddlers

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Classic Girl - Infant/Toddler Pumpkin Costume

Infant/Toddler Pumpkin Costume

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If you don't want a specific character, you can still get a look that everyone will enjoy with a classic Halloween costume. Classic designs feature pumpkins, witches, vampires, and princesses. There is something along every line of the "girly" spectrum from princess to pirate, so you can fit your child's Halloween costume to her personality. Once you have chosen your child's perfect outfit, get around to picking the perfect props. Items like magic wands, ear headbands, tails, bows, wings, and leggings can add an extra level of detail to your toddler's outfit. Try to avoid uncomfortable items like masks or face paint that might cause younger children discomfort. We suggest having your child try on her classic girl costume a few times before Halloween night so she can get comfortable with the new clothes and accessories.

There are infant/toddler designs for every girl, so find your child the perfect outfit at the perfect price!