A baby's budding imagination is a magical place full of fantastic creatures and adventurous characters. Encourage your child's creativity with one of our adorable infant and toddler fairytale costumes. Fairytale outfits are perfect for Halloween, a fantasy theme party, or everyday pretend play. Some classic storybook outfit options include unicorns, princesses, fairies, witches, and other adventurers. Both boys and girls share a love for fairytale stories, and you can find all their favorite classic characters here. Peter Pan, dragons, and gnomes make for great boy outfits while princesses like Little Red Riding hood and Goldilocks are a fun option for girls.

Fairytale - Peter Pan Toddler Costume

Peter Pan Toddler Costume

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Fairytale - Goldilocks Costume

Goldilocks Costume

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Fairytale - Dorothy Toddler Costume

Dorothy Toddler Costume

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Fairytale - Toddler Garden Gnome

Toddler Garden Gnome

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Fairytale - Toddlers Unicorn Animal Costume

Toddlers Unicorn Animal Costume

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Use your imagination to think up some great props. Think back to the stories you are using for your character outfit. A picnic basket, stuffed teddy bears, or other toy animals can make great details to add to your infant's fairytale costume. Magic wands, crowns, and other basic accessories are also things to keep in mind when planning your outfit. Once you have used your fairytale outfit for Halloween, you can still get some use out of it by adding it to your child's dress-up wardrobe. Your son or daughter can spend hours and hours acting out their favorite stories.

Make your child's wishes come true this Halloween with some help from our costume fairy godmothers and our selection of fairytale character costumes for kids.