Invite a little magic and mystery into your Halloween event with an adorable infant fairy costume. Fairy dresses are one of the classic girl's outfits most little kids want at one point or another. Fairytales often have a magical fairy who helps the other characters in their adventure. If your daughter is a fan of Tinkerbell, Abby Cadabby, or fantasy tales, our selection of toddler fairy costumes is sure to have the outfit to make her dreams come true. We carry cartoon characters as well as generic fairy garb that is perfect for tea parties, Halloween, and pretend play.

Plum Pixie Toddler Costume

Plum Pixie Toddler Costume

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Most fairy dresses feature a tutu skirt, glimmering wings, and a flowered headpiece. You can make your child's fairy outfit even more special by accessorizing with crowns, magic wands, and cute flats. Fairies have been known to be as spunky as they are helpful. Sometimes V shows and storybooks portray fairies as tricksters of the wood. Other times, fairies are sweet and good natured helpers. Base your decision on your child's personality and tweak her props to fit your intended look. Even after the magic of Halloween is over, your fairy princess can still get some use out of her dress. Add a fairy costume for infants and toddlers to your child's pretend dress-up wardrobe for hours of fun using her imagination.

Wave your magic wand and find your girl the shimmering fairy costume she has always dreamed of.