Disney Junior

Birthdays, Christmas, and Halloween bring about a wonderful change for you and your family. Disney offers the most exciting costumes for infants and toddlers, at affordable prices. Show off your little prince or your strong pirate with Disney Jr. Costumes based on their favorite characters. Your princess will look darling in our selection of princess dresses, or our adorable Infant sized costumes. If there’s a doctor in the house, we have the perfect Doc McStuffins costume that is sure to find its way into the right little hands.

For a mousy good time, your infant will love imitating everyone’s favorite little mouse. Disney costumes bring life to the world of TV entertainment, as infants and toddlers explore the world of fun, laughter and excitement. Pirates are everywhere, so are piglets, tigers and honey eating bears.

Disney costumes help to bring out the creativity hidden inside your child. The next birthday party your child has can be the most memorable one of all. It is the party that your child will talk about for years to come. Let Disney help you create a wild, out of sight birthday party, where your child can choose from a large variety of infant- toddler Disney Junior Costumes.

For children that’s a little bit older and wiser, Disney has a special selection of Disney Jr. Costumes. Your Jr. Explorer will love dressing up, and acting out without getting into trouble. So, why not make your little one smile this holiday season, and invite the world of Disney in your home, and to their next party.

Choose from our infant/ toddler Disney Costumes, or from our Disney Junior Costumes.