Dinosaurs and Reptiles

If your toddler loves animals that are scaly or slimy, take a look at our selection of dinosaur, dragon and reptile costumes. Some of our fun reptiles and amphibians include turtles, frogs, and alligators. More exciting reptiles include dinosaurs and dragons! Even though we have not seen these giant creatures, we have all sorts of stories to capture your child's imagination.

Dinosaurs and Reptiles - Toddler Triceratops Costume

Toddler Triceratops Costume

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Dinosaurs and Reptiles - Toddlers Stegosaurus Belly Baby Costume

Toddlers Stegosaurus Belly Baby Costume

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Dinosaurs and Reptiles - Toddlers T-Rex Costume

Toddlers T-Rex Costume

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Dinosaurs and Reptiles - Toddler Raptor Costume

Toddler Raptor Costume

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Dinosaurs leave behind huge skeletons that we can use to learn more about them. If your child has been bitten by the dinosaur or dragon bug as many have, these cute dino outfits will fit like a glove. T-rex outfits are one of the most popular dinosaur types, but you can also find triceratops and cartoon character dinos. For a fantasy theme, you can find toddler dragon suits with wings and horns. Dragons put a fun fairytale twist on other scaly ensembles.

Babies won't care how they look, so comfort should be your number one priority for infants. We carry a great supply of comfy onesies for babies that will look great and feel great. Most reptile and dinosaur costumes for infants and toddlers come in a plush material that will keep your child warm if your go out trick-or-treating. You can also have your kid wear clothes under their outfit to keep them extra toasty. Delight your little lizard with a reptile costume that is off the scales!