Fill your Halloween with giggles galore with an adorable clown costume for infants and toddlers. Clown outfits feature colorful jumpsuits, funny accessories and look great on both boys and girls. There are many styles of clown suits ranging from traditional to Harlequin jester suits. Find a little laughter with your child this Halloween with a clown outfit your kid will love. Accessories are a clown's best friend. Props like a red rubber nose, big clown shoes, silk flowers and seltzer bottles are great for older toddlers. Infants and newborns will look extra cute with non-toxic child-safe face paint, boot covers, and a clown afro wig.

Toddler Big Top Clown Costume

Toddler Big Top Clown Costume

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If you really want to go above and beyond for Halloween. Teach your child a simple "trick" that they can exchange for a treat on their Halloween trick-or-treat adventure. One simple magic trick to show your child is to make a pencil appear as if it's made out of rubber by waving it quickly. Show your little clown how you impressed you are with these newfound tricks to encourage learning and creativity.

Toddler clown costumes are great for boys and girls, but you can easily add touches of femininity and masculinity with the right accessories. Create a more girly costume with the addition of bows and tutus. A more boyish clown outfit might include bow ties and face paint smudges. A child clown costume is the perfect outfit to get your kid laughing this Halloween!