Many young girls love animals and pets. Find your child the purr-fect infant or toddler cat costume this Halloween. Your kid will be all tails and whiskers in one of our adorable animal outfits. Cat suits are perfect for boys and girls alike. Many feature faux fur jumpsuits, ears, tails, and hoods. Not every kitty outfit we have is a plain house cat. For more adventurous kids, we carry a selection of lions, leopards, and cheetahs. A cute animal print can add a little excitement to an otherwise simple cat outfit

Cats - Inky Black Kitty Tm

Inky Black Kitty Tm

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Cats - Toddler Pretty Leopard Costume

Toddler Pretty Leopard Costume

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Cats - Toddler's Catarina Costume

Toddler's Catarina Costume

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Both boys and girls love cats, and many of our options are gender neutral. However, if you want to give your child's outfit a feminine or masculine touch, there are several ways to do so with the right accessories. For a more girly cat suit, choose a style with tutu skirts. Feather boas and ribbons can add a feminine touch to your look. All kids can enjoy accessorizing with kid-friendly face paint, gloves, and plush toy mice. To avoid placing masks or other uncomfortable accessories on your child's face, consider adding a nose and whiskers in face paint.

Help your infant or toddler have some fuzzy fun as their favorite animal this Halloween with one of these great cats costumes for kids.