Your little bundle of joy might be too young to walk around this Halloween, but that does not mean they can't get in on the fun with one of these cute infant bunting costumes. They are an adorable way to keep your infant warm and looking good. for the holiday. Buntings are made of soft materials that cover your child's feet on cold Halloween nights. Some of our great infant outfits include bugs, food items, and characters from shows and games. Bundle your baby up in a bumble bee bunting or butterfly suit for a look your friends will be buzzing about. For some adventure, try swaddling your infant in a Superman bunting with cape and logo. Other styles include Angry Birds characters, an Indian papoose, peas in a pod and military camouflage suits.

Buntings - Newborn Pea In A Pod Costume

Newborn Pea In A Pod Costume

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Buntings - Butterfly Infant Toddler Costume

Butterfly Infant Toddler Costume

Our Price: $16.90
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Buntings - Ladybug Costume

Ladybug Costume

Our Price: $16.40
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Buntings - Superman Newborn Costume

Superman Newborn Costume

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Buntings - Little Football Infant Bunting

Little Football Infant Bunting

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Buntings - Newborn U.S. Army  Costume

Newborn U.S. Army Costume

Our Price: $15.90
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Your newborn baby can't walk, so bundle up your child in a cute outfit that keeps her warm. You are going to be carrying your little bundle of joy for a good portion of your night out, so try to match your infant's wrap to your adult outfit. Your infant's bunting costume will not only look super cute, but it will also enhance your own look for the evening. Try combinations like a caterpillar and butterfly, kitten and cat, or superhero and sidekick.

Find your child the perfect baby bunting costume and enjoy your night out together!