Our selection of adorable infant bunny costumes for kids will have you hopping for joy. These baby bunny suits are the perfect fit for Halloween, Easter, or a portrait of your little animal. Our plush animal jumpers are soft, warm, and perfect for an infant. Bunny rabbit outfits feature cute ears, paws, tails, and plush carrots. The comfortable materials of these rabbit suits are the perfect outfit for your child to find Easter eggs in.

Bunnies - Pink Bunny Newborn/infant

Pink Bunny Newborn/infant

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Bunnies - Toddlers Zoey The Bunny Costume

Toddlers Zoey The Bunny Costume

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Bunnies - Toddler Baby Bunny Girl's Costume

Toddler Baby Bunny Girl's Costume

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Bunnies - Infant Vanilla Bunny Costume

Infant Vanilla Bunny Costume

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Even if you don't go to a professional photographer for Easter bunny photos, pick up your camera and get ready to snap a few pics on Easter morning! Some great shot ideas include Easter egg hunting, eating holiday treats, and going to religious services. For Halloween, use an Easter basket instead of a pumpkin bucket. This will add a thematic detail to your bunny costume. Other props that might improve your child's look include toy carrots, plastic eggs, and gloves. Avoid face paint and masks for young children as these accessories can cause discomfort.

Animal outfits are always a popular style option for infants and toddlers. Hop on down the bunny trail this Halloween or Easter and find your child a rabbit costume that will make your holiday super!