Classic Boy

When you look back years from now at your toddler's Halloween costume, you will want to see a recognizable character or a design that will last through the ages. Find your child a classic costume for boys that will impress him and withstand the test of time. Many characters from movies and cartoons have become beloved enough to have become well-recognized. Let your son choose from options like Yoda, Buzz Lightyear, Darth Vader, Batman, The Flash, and Curious George.

Classic Boy - Baby Max Costume for Infant Toddler

Baby Max Costume for Infant Toddler

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Classic Boy - Yoda Infant/toddler

Yoda Infant/toddler

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Classic Boy - Superman Infant

Superman Infant

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Classic Boy - Infant/Toddler Pumpkin Costume

Infant/Toddler Pumpkin Costume

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If you don't want a specific character outfit, there are plenty of other Halloween classics to pick from. Halloween is a time for pumpkins, ghosts, vampires and ghouls. Dress your little pumpkin up for Halloween in a classic themed outfit. A classic vampire outfit, complete with fangs and cape, is a perfect example of a classic Halloween costume for boys. Other timeless looks from the horror genre include pumpkins, spiders, mummies, and Frankenstein's monster. Other outfits your kid will love include occupational outfits like boxers, baseball players, and police officers. Animals and food items are also popular with a young age group.

Our outfits are made from soft, comfortable materials that won't cause your toddler discomfort or start a tantrum for picky kids. Find a style to fit your needs with a little help from our selection of classic boy's infant costumes.