Parents can be as busy as bees around the holidays, so take some pressure off from your child's Halloween shopping with one of our adorable bug costumes for infants and toddlers. If your child is fascinated by creepy crawlies, a bee, butterfly or other bug outfit will be a perfect fit. There are tons of bugs that are classic Halloween staples like spiders and others that are great for garden themes like bumble bees and ladybugs. Our cute bug designs feature wings, antennae, and comfy kid's jumpsuits.

Insects are fascinating for boys and girls of all ages. These costumes are just like the bugs they represent: great for everyone! Boys and girls will get a kick out of having more legs than usual and giving everyone a good scare. Kids' bug costumes aren't just a great option for Halloween. If you're having a garden or tea party, a bug or bee wings will add a fairy-like quality to the surroundings.

A few accessories can make a big difference to a little bug. Older toddlers will look great with props like bug antennae, magic wands, glittery butterfly wings, and tutus. Younger baby bugs might not be old enough for held items and stiff wings. Plush items are better suited for infants and toddlers. Get you snuggle bug the perfect kid's Halloween get-up with one of our bee, butterfly, or bug costumes.