Your baby can be a handful; sometimes sweet and sometimes naughty. This Halloween you can embrace your little kid's big personality with help from our angels and devils costumes. Your infant can look devilishly cute or angelically adorable depending on the outfit you choose. Angel costumes for toddlers are a great option for Halloween and many other holidays. Christmas parades and plays can also make great use of angel outfits.

Toddler White and Gold Angel Costume

Toddler White and Gold Angel Costume

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Accessorize for an infant angel ensemble with wings, halo headbands, and gold jewelry. Make sure all your props are age-appropriate. If your infant can't yet walk, stiff wings might not be the best choice of accessory. Lil' demon costumes for kids are perfect if your child is a little troublemaker. Red horn headbands, tails, and plush wings are great props for your little red jumpsuit.

These angels and devils outfits are made for all ages and genders, but you can do a lot to make your outfit look more feminine or masculine. Girls might appreciate a devil costume made from a red tutu and tiara if they want a more feminine feel.

Celebrate all the joy and terrors your child can bring this Halloween with an adorable devil or angel costume for babies.