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The 1980s were a time for super pop hits, rock n' roll, and hip neon styles. Unleash your little star's rock and roll personality with a cool 80s costume for Infants and Toddlers. Your kids will look great in funky shades and groovy accessories. Girls just want to have fun! Get your girl toddler in on a decade of fun with flirty skirts, glasses, and neon jewelry. Younger material girls like infants and newborns might not be ready for some props. Keep your child's abilities in mind when picking out 80s accessories. Jewelry is great for grown-ups, but young kids will look great with legwarmers, scrunchy headbands and other items that are age-appropriate.

80s Costumes - Toddler's 80's Pop Party Costume

Toddler's 80's Pop Party Costume

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80s Costumes - Newborn/Infant Michael Jackson Black Military Romper Costume

Newborn/Infant Michael Jackson Black Military Romper Costume

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Pop music was in full swing in the eighties. If you are celebrating with a decade theme, start with the bright and bubbly 1980s music. Draw inspiration from the likes of Madonna, Blondie and other divas of the decade. There are other rock stars aside from these fabulous ladies. Boys will look great in a rock and roll outfit inspired by KISS or Michael Jackson. Jackson was the King of Pop, and your toddler can be the king of Halloween in a music star uniform. Accessorize for a musical 80s costume with items like guitars and microphones.

Rock and roll this Halloween or at your next decade theme party with an 80s costume for infants or toddlers.