60's Costumes

The Sixties were a groovy time for peace, love, and hippie chicks. Even though your little flower child may never know what life was like in that era, you can get them in the style with an infant 60s costume. The decade had some great fashions, but the most well-known looks are derived from the hippie movement. Boys and girls can both wear one of these peace sign outfits and still look great. Toddler girls will look great with bell bottom pants, bandanas and flower jewelry. Boys can also wear hippie costumes, but they can also look great as tiny rock stars! Elvis and other music stars are a great source of inspiration for a sixties fashion.

Newborn Elvis Onesie Costume

Newborn Elvis Onesie Costume

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Some props can make your infant 60s costume even more fun. Accessories like peace sign jewelry, temporary tattoos, and flower headbands are great options for older toddlers. Infant outfits should be accessorized with soft materials like headbands and plush props.

1960s fashion was totally groovy and full of great rock and roll hits. Embrace the music of the era with dance outfits and musical props like microphones, bandanas, and guitar toys. Groove out this Halloween with one of these 60s costumes for infants and toddlers.