50's Costumes

Get your toddler a costume to twist and shout in with a little help from our 50s costumes for kids. We carry fifties fashions for both boys and girls. Girls in the 1950s usually wore poodle skirts and A-line dresses. Boys usually dressed as greasers or wore dapper suits. For some extra fun, your child can dress as a music star like Elvis or another fifties icon. Shows like Grease and Happy Days are great sources of inspiration for a 50s outfit.

Toddler Poodle Dress Costume

Toddler Poodle Dress Costume

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Try teaching your child a little bit about fifties fashion, music, and dances. Some fun dance moves to try out with your kids include The Hand Jive or swing dancing. Take a few pages out of the King of Rock and Roll's book by learning some Elvis dance moves together. These fifties outfits are great for a theme party or school dance.

Props can make for a fun addition to your child's outfit. Add items like a microphone, saddle shoes, and frilly socks to a 50s Halloween costume for an extra touch. Other accessories like belts, wigs, and jewelry can also create a unique 50s feel. Your child will be the hippest cat at their next Halloween or theme party with one of our nifty 50s costumes.