Add some life to your Halloween girls costume with something slightly spooky. Our selection of zombies costumes feature tattered dresses and other outfits fit for the walking dead. Movies and TV shows like 28 Days Later, The Walking Dead, Night of the living Dead, and Zombieland are all great sources of inspiration for some truly scary costumes. Your girl's zombie costume doesn't have to be scary.

Zombies - Funkie Frankie Child Costume

Funkie Frankie Child Costume

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Zombies - Zombie Girl Kids Costume

Zombie Girl Kids Costume

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Zombies - Tween Girls 4 Piece Zombie Prom Queen Costume

Tween Girls 4 Piece Zombie Prom Queen Costume

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Zombies - Zombie School Kids Costume

Zombie School Kids Costume

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Create a sassy Goth zombie look with our Zombie Prom Queen Costume, plaid accessories, or ripped tights. If you want a good balance between girly and ghoulish, simply pick out the right accessories. You can create a zombie outfit out of almost any girls Halloween costume. Add accessories like fake blood, face pain, wigs, and leggings to a costume to create the undead version. Your daughter can be a zombie waitress, cheerleader, nurse, or even a zombie animal with the right application of makeup. Once you're bitten by the zombie urge, get your friends in on the fun and start a whole zombie hoard! Dress each group member in a different outfit, but keep their appearance as ghastly as possible to fit the theme. Shamble along your trick-or-treating route in one of these zombie girl costumes for good fun and sweet scares!