Witch Costumes

Double double, toil and trouble. Get your witch costume on the double! These girl's witch costumes are just the right balance between cute and scary. Popular culture has given us plenty of sources for inspiration including The Wicked Witch of the West, Bewitched, and Hocus Pocus. In shows like Wicked, we learn that witches aren't always how they seem. Are you a good witch or a bad witch? The right style of dress and accessories can help you decide on this facet of your witch girl costume.

Witch Costumes - Teen Girl's Switch Witch Light Up Costume

Teen Girl's Switch Witch Light Up Costume

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Witch Costumes - Cora the Kitty Witch Kids Costume

Cora the Kitty Witch Kids Costume

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Accessorize with basic witch props like brooms, witch hats, black shoes, wigs, and makeup kits. For a good witch outfit, trade in the cauldron and broom for a magic wand. A scary costume will look great with the addition of green face paint, fake scars, and skull jewelry. There are plenty of styles to choose from, so get your friends involved in a group costume. Each member of your group can have an individualized outfit when you add unique accessories to your costume. Magic up some fun after you wear your Halloween costume party by adding it to your pretend dress-up closet. Help your child's trick-or-treating on Halloween be a magical experience when you buy her an adorable witches costume.