All young girls dreams of living in a castle as a regal princess. Find the perfect girl's princess dresses for your child from our selection of great costumes. There are many different kinds of princesses. Some reign over exotic lands, some live under the sea, and others can even talk to animals! If you need to find a specific character for your daughter, have no fear, a kingdom of dress-up clothes are here!

Princess - Victorian Rose Kids Costume

Victorian Rose Kids Costume

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Princess - Girls Renaissance Lady Costume

Girls Renaissance Lady Costume

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Princess - Fairy Godmother Kids Costume

Fairy Godmother Kids Costume

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Princess - Girl's Enchanted Princess Costume

Girl's Enchanted Princess Costume

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We carry a wide variety of Disney princesses like Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, Aurora, Rapunzel, Merida and Cinderella. If you want to be a princess that is all original, try one of our unique princess costumes for girls like our Rainbow Princess dress, Pink Princess, or Regal Princess in fun colors like purple, pink and gold. It takes more than just a beautiful gown to transform your girl into a princess. Accessorize your outfit with princess costume props like crowns, magic wands, wigs, gloves, and headbands. Wigs are an especially great addition to a princess dress if you are trying to match your look to a specific Disney character. You can also add jewelry and shoes specific to your princess gown. If your friends want to dress up with you, have each girl dress up in a different princess outfit. You can also dress as other Disney characters if you want to dress as one of the princesses animal friends. Dance the night away in one of these majestic princess ballgownsfor your nest Halloween costume party.