Avast and ahoy, landlubbers and Halloween costume shoppers! If you are looking for an outfit that screams adventure, our selection of pirate costumes is just right for you. These adorable pirate girl costumes feature skulls, crossbones, and designs worthy of the cutest swashbuckler. There are many different kinds of pirates, and so we have many different styles to fit your needs. A lowly sailor or serving wench costume might feature a pirate bandana, sash, or peasant blouse. A pirate captain costume for girls is a bit more elegant and can be accessorized with pirate jewelry, a fancy pirate hat, toy swords, and pistols.

Though there may be a variety of styles available, you can still dress up any buccaneer costume with props like pirate boots, an eye patch, hoop earrings, and a stuffed parrot. For a funny costume detail, have one of your friends dress up as your parrot and repeat everything you say! Other fun group costume ideas include wearing a variety of pirate dresses to form a pirate crew or pairing colonial sailor costumes with your swashbuckling outfit for a good and bad dynamic. These pirate outfits make great Halloween costumes, but after the holiday is over you can reuse your outfit as part of your pretend dress-up wardrobe. Your child will have a blast pretending to sail a ship or conduct daring sword fights. Stop sailing the seas in search of the perfect pirate costume, because "X" marks the spot with these awesome girl's Halloween costumes.