If you want to send a salute to the armed forces, dress up in one of these girls military costumes. These army outfits feature cute skirts and fun accessories.

Military - Tween Major Flirt Costume

Tween Major Flirt Costume

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Military - Girls G.I. Joe Classic Jinx Costume

Girls G.I. Joe Classic Jinx Costume

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Military - Girls Sea Sweetie Costume

Girls Sea Sweetie Costume

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We carry a wide range of outfits from different military branches including Army, Navy, and Air Force. Our selection of girls army costumes is perfect for a girl who loves her nation and cute uniforms! Our navy sailor dresses and other kids' military Halloween items are great starts to an outfit, but you can really improve your look with fun accessories. Add accessories like dog tags, sailor necklaces, life saver floats, camouflage boots, tights or stockings, and camouflage makeup kits.

It takes more thank one soldier to defend a country. If you want to get your friends involved with your Halloween theme, simply match different military outfits. Each of your friends can dress as a different member of the military. Choose from sailor suits, a Major Flirt army uniform, and action movie wardrobe items like Halo. After your Halloween costume party or trick-or-treating event, use your military outfits as part of your pretend dress-up closet. An army costume is a fun addition to playtime and will give your child some extra mileage out of her Halloween costume.